In 2021 Royal Fresh Fish was established in Cuxhaven in the production facilities at Neufelder Strasse 37-41 in Cuxhaven, Germany. Royal Greenland is seeking to strengthen the production and market reach of the European fresh and re-fresh market, also expanding the product portfolio into species not currently available within the Group’s own value chain.

In the search of fulfilling this ambition the Group has teamed up with Mr. Carsten Frydkjær, an experienced seafood professional with a profound insight into both the fresh and re-fresh production and the markets in Europe. Mr. Frydkjær and Royal Greenland will share ownership of the new operation. 

Products such as cod, saithe, salmon and trout have been implemented in the company and are now produced on a daily basis. The products are sold both fresh and frozen to the European and American market. With within the first year of productivity, Royal Fresh Fish has managed to become one of the largest importers of whitefish to Germany. Our production produces over 200 tons of raw materials on a weekly basis, which is distributed between the whitefish and salmon department.

Royal Fresh Fish GmbH is managed as a stand-alone entity, and are serving customers across the European and American markets.

Contact us:

Royal Fresh Fish GmbH
Neufelder Straße 37-41, Cuxhaven,
Niedersaksen 27472, DE

Tel: +49 47216204000

Geschäftsführer: Carsten Frydkjær